Managing Editor

Chelsea Franz

Chelsea Franz’s main goal is to contribute to building a thriving arts community. She truly believes that we were not made to walk through life alone; she wants to help people to connect with each other by holding safe spaces to do so. Franz is currently finishing up her B.A in Creative Writing. She’s the recipient of the Billeh Nickerson Creative Writing Award and treasurer of the Creative Writing Guild. She enjoys spending time in the sun and listening to stories that prove the uniqueness of the human experience while bringing us closer to the understanding that we’re all the same.

Prose Editor

Stephanie Davies

Stephanie Davies is an English major/Creative Writing minor student at KPU. She has been writing stories her whole life and is currently working on her first novel and screenplay. At sixteen years old, she was selected by Teen Vogue to go to New York City and learn about the publishing world. During her time at KPU, she has contributed to The Runner and is also a board member of the Polytechnic Ink Publishing Society (PIPS).

Poetry Editor

Zach Allan

Zach Allan enjoys things such as words, punctuation, and the sounds words make.  He is a second-year creative writing student pursuing a bachelor’s degree. In a past life, he was a reed that was almost made into a sheet of paper but instead fell off the back of the cart.  In a future life, he would like to be a bolt of lightning or the dramatic pause in a monologue. In his spare time away from reading and writing poetry, he likes to read and write poetry. He would also like everyone else to read and write poetry.

Art Editor

Alison Curtis

Alison Curtis is a visual artist exploring the interlaced relationships between identity and creative agency, through acrylic paint and mixed media. She is the recipient of the KPU Faculty of Arts Multimedia Art Contest People’s Choice Award, and the Margaretha Bootsma Award for Visual Excellence. She has also worked in gallery settings and has assisted with prepping and hanging art exhibitions. Her work explores the relationships between identity and the ability to create, specifically women creating art with their hands and life with their bodies. Curtis is currently studying for her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, while living and working in Surrey, BC.

Social Media Coordinator

Alix Girodat

Alix Girodat is an aspiring novelist and Creative Writing major/English minor at KPU. When she isn’t spending her time trying to get over her life-long bout of writer’s block, she blogs about her life and the things she loves. In her free time, she plays her favourite video games and scrolls through the Instagram explore page. Her main goal as a writer is to give a voice to those who have yet to be heard.

Design Editor

Adam Chace


Adam Chace is a digital artist and photographer that wants to bring love & awareness about art into the public’s attention. He works with contemporary mediums to create photographic collages and other media. Urban and portrait photography carry his awareness about people’s interaction with technology, society and nature. If you don’t catch him in an art gallery thoroughly absorbing new local pieces, he’s probably sitting in a cafe figuring out new ways to make the unreal a reality.

Operations Manager

Scott Boux

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