Managing Editor

Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy is a lifelong learner who is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at KPU. She is very curious and values asking questions about how things work and why, which she brings to her work. She has been a part of various initiatives inside and outside of KPU that empower creators to pursue their passion projects. This has led to her collaboration on a variety of concepts and mediums, which fuel the development of her craft. She finds beauty and inspiration through the unique voices and visions of others, believing that everyone benefits when creators are supported on their journeys.

Senior Prose Editor

Aziza Azizullo

Aziza is a third-year English major at KPU. She spends a lot of her free time reading, writing, and making art. Her short stories have been described as modern myths and fable-esque, which she hopes that her art will also be described as one day. She currently enjoys creating meditative studies of plants, animals, and landscapes that may appear in future work. Her list of goals never ends and she hopes that it never does as she continues to accomplish everything she wants.

Junior Prose Editor

Demeris Queiros

Demeris Queiros is a student at KPU striving to achieve a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing at KPU. A lover of stories and storytelling from an early age, Demeris seeks to transcribe the stories in his head onto the page for both himself and others to enjoy. When not writing, Demeris can be found hanging out with friends and indulging in creative experiences such as books, video games, movies, music, TV, or travelling.

Senior Poetry Editor

Angel-Clare Linton

Angel-Clare Linton is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing at KPU.

Junior Poetry Editor

Usha Gunatilake

Usha Gunatilake is a freelance writer, editor, and fanatic word-lover. She is currently a KPU student majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in English. Usha writes about musings, mystic creatures, endings, and disability, and aspires to be an auto memories doll. Usha is happiest when she is curled up in her Hobbit-hole reading or watching something, or when she is daydreaming elaborate stories in her head while walking in the rain.

Senior Visual Arts Editor

Ava Sasaki

Ava Sasaki is a Japanese-Canadian student currently studying the arts at KPU. When she’s not working on a creative project, you can find her playing Stardew Valley or watching anime at an unhealthy hour of the night. Watch Hunter x Hunter for clear skin.

Junior Visual Arts Editor

Swann Tsai

Swann Tsai is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at KPU. She holds a deep passion for the creative arts and examines the explorative aspect of creation. Besides studying English at KPU, she spends all her spare time either in professional dance, photography, or teaching. Art in all forms exemplifies the nuances in which artists choose to express themselves; Swann wishes to show some of this passion in her day-to-day work.

Senior Design Editor

Catherine Mwitta

Catherine Mwitta is a Creative Writing major at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, with prior certification in Journalism from Langara College. While she isn’t posting on her blog, Catherine is an Editor at Dishsoap Literary and an Editorial Assistant at Prism International and The Malahat Review. She has short stories published in The Quarantine Review, Random Photo Journal, and Otis Nebula. She likewise has bylines at Stir Vancouver, RoyalTee Magazine, SAD Mag, and The Malahat Review.

Junior Design Editor

Angelo Massot

Angelo Massot, he/him, is an artist, graphic designer, and marketing student currently in his third year of studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University completing his BA in General Studies. He graduated with a Diploma in Fashion Marketing from the Wilson School of design in 2022. His passions revolve around creative and art direction and exploring how media influences culture. Beyond his studies, Angelo enjoys tranquil walks at Crescent Beach, camping across BC and nurturing his plant collection. He’s driven by a genuine enthusiasm for the arts and a curiosity about how technology and media connects and shapes our world.

Web Editor

Shelby Baertl

Shelby Baertl is a third-year Creative Writing student at KPU. In her free time, she likes to pick up new hobbies, instead of going back to the 87 other ones she was obsessed with for a week before getting distracted. The one thing that has been (somewhat) consistent is writing. She is currently developing a new novel idea (maybe she’ll actually follow through with this one) and hopes to one day turn her writing into a career. In the meantime, she gets paid to destroy mattresses.

Social Media Coordinator

Lydia Doerschlag

Lydia Doerschlag is a Creative Writing student at KPU with a deep love for creativity and art. When she’s not studying she spends most of her time reading, playing cozy games, and posting her novels and stories online. She hopes to write for a living one day, but for now she’s content with planning her next story while listening to her favourite songs on loop.

Operations Manager

Devaki Mathivanan

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