Managing Editor

Lena Belova

Lena Belova is a writer, poet, and activist. They are currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), are the Chair of KPU’s Creative Writing Guild, and the proud recipient of the 2019 PIPS Wordsmith Endowed Award. Lena’s writing explores freedom and the lack-there-of, and all the resilient ways people can reclaim their identities in the face of trauma, oppression, and mental illness. Through their writing and community work, Lena wants to guide people to a connection with themselves and their communities. In the words of their role model Kathleen Hanna, Lena hopes you’ll get off the internet, meet them in the street, and destroy the right wing.


Senior Prose Editor

Maggie Smith-Salzl

Maggie Smith-Salzl loves to edit other people’s work. She is a self-identified grammar wizard. Additionally, she loves her two cats, Oliver and Wayne, who help her with her writing by walking all over her computer’s keyboard when she’s using it.


Junior Prose Editor

Alix Girodat

Alix loves the sound of rivers and her pillow and her dead cat. she also writes.


Senior Poetry Editor

Zach Allan

Zach sure does love poetry.
This position will be opening in January 2020. If you’d like to apply please email


Junior Poetry Editor

This position is currently open! If you would like to apply, please email


Senior Arts Editor

Alison Curtis

Alison Curtis is a visual artist exploring the interlaced relationships between identity and creative agency, through acrylic paint and mixed media. She is the recipient of the KPU Faculty of Arts Multimedia Art Contest People’s Choice Award, and the Margaretha Bootsma Award for Visual Excellence. She has also worked in gallery settings and has assisted with prepping and hanging art exhibitions. Her work explores the relationships between identity and the ability to create, specifically women creating art with their hands and life with their bodies. Curtis is currently studying for her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, while living and working in Surrey, BC.


Junior Arts Editor

Steven Robinson

Steven Robinson is a visual artist who focuses on the professional presentation by looking at the correlation between an art piece and the setting it is displayed in. He received the Deena C. Duggan Endowed Award from the for his knowledge of colour theory and applying it to his practices in acrylic painting. His knowledge in woodworking helps while displaying works in exhibitions. His own art practice plays with properties that create a physical space that does not exist, pushing it towards boundaries of abstraction.


Design Editor

Mikayla Fawcett

Mikayla Fawcett makes things. Sometimes they work alone—with poetry, fiction, mixed/new media arts, and other assemblages. Frequently they collaborate on larger projects. They enjoy an ongoing collaboration with partner Gabriel Craven as Cannery Rat Comics. The Here After Now, a series of post apocalyptic shorts, is their longest running comic project. Mikayla is enthralled with natural science, human-environment relationships, and things that thrive in abandoned places. They are minuscule within the universe; they cope by falling ever more in love with the void and all the tiny things that live there.


Junior Design Editor

Angelia Carpio

Angelica Carpio is a sad (BTECH) student. Sometimes designs and sort of an occasional writer, but mostly just watches re-runs of Hannibal and drinks an obscene amount of water. Constantly in need of a higher level of adult so do not let their age fool you. Often seen weeping over mythology, floriculture, theology, heavenly messengers, ghosts, and God. Friends have commented that they can use the word “beautiful” at least twenty-one times a day and that they have an unhealthy obsession with humming Hozier songs.


Web Editor

Cassidy Brodie

Cassidy Brodie is a third year information technology student. You can find her on her computer in cramped spaces or laying on the floor with her cat.


Social Media Coordinator

This position is currently open! If you would like to apply, please email


Operations Manager

Scott Boux

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