Managing Editor

Niloo Daliri

Niloo Daliri is an Iranian-Canadian with an admiration for literature. A Douglas College alumni, she is further pursuing creative writing at KPU. She can be found writing poetry and essays on topics such as gender equality, combating poverty and reviving the art of a tasteful debate.

Senior Prose Editor

Alix Girodat

Alix is a [redacted] year student and likes the smell of the air when it rains. Sometimes she writes, sometimes she plays animal crossing instead. She’s currently working on her first novel while slicing bread for a living. Follow her on ao3 @ bucky__barnez

Junior Prose Editor

Thales Del Tetto

Thales Del Tetto is a Brazilian international student and a hopeful future author. In his free time, he enjoys long walks on—it’s reading, he enjoys reading. Also, as of starting this paragraph, his computer sputtered and self-restarted three times.

Senior Poetry Editor

This position is currently vacant. If you’re interested please email to apply.

Junior Poetry Editor

Angel-Clare Linton

Angel-Clare Linton is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing at KPU.

Senior Arts Editor

Adam Chace

Adam (he/him/she/her) is a third-year fine art bachelor’s student at KPU, focusing on digital & mixed media. His art turns people, places, and things into over manipulated amalgamations escaping real-like settings. Often it can relate to mental health, or escapism through manipulated forms. Adam is always looking to find transformative process techniques to use in his art, or simply find more mediums to use in combination with digital or paper applications. During his downtime, Adam likes to play video games with friends, go on hikes, discuss music theory, and create art that speaks to him instinctually. Adam enjoys video games with expansive, rich story-based worlds such as the world of Warcraft, or Baldurs gate.

Junior Arts Editor

This position is currently vacant. If you’re interested please email to apply.

Senior Design Editor

Cassidy Van Delft

Cassidy Van Delft is a recent graduate of the Graphic Design for Marketing program. She’s obsessed with good typography and good coffee. She loves to use her design skills to solve real problems and improve the world and the lives of the people around her. When not designing, she can usually be found perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe, making cold brew, or watching Grey’s Anatomy.”

Junior Design Editor

Thomas Buecking

Thomas Buecking is a self-taught digital artist. His initial interest in sketching and illustration has managed to migrate into the world of graphic arts that is inspired from various forms of art-making found in the world of technology, television and popular media. He enjoys combining his passion for sketching with technology to produce illustrative pieces that range from experimental to figurative works that is dependent on his frame of mind and what he is keen on investigating.

Web Editor

This position is currently vacant. If you’re interested please email to apply.

Social Media Coordinator

Esther Amankop Udoh

Esther Amankop Udoh is a Journalism student. She enjoys reading and creating short stories from the scenarios in her head. She hopes to use her words to create something great in the future.

Operations Manager

Scott Boux

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